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You’re under GB domestic rules If you’re driving on a regular scheduled service that doesn’t exceed 50 km.

Duty time

If you work as a driver for a company, duty time is any working time. If you’re self-employed, duty time is only time you spend driving the vehicle or doing other work related to the vehicle or its load.

Daily driving limit

You must not drive for more than 10 hours in any working day.

Breaks and continuous driving

After 5 hours 30 minutes of driving you must take a break of at least 30 minutes for rest and refreshment.

Or, within any period of 8 hours 30 minutes, you must take at least 45 minutes in breaks. You must also have a break of at least 30 minutes at the end of this period, unless it’s the end of the working day.

Daily rest periods

You must take a rest of 10 hours before the first duty and immediately after the last duty in a working week.

You must take a rest of at least 10 hours between 2 working days (or spreadovers) – this can be reduced to 8.5 hours up to 3 times a week.

Fortnightly rest periods

Every 2 weeks you must take at least one period of 24 hours off duty.

Length of working day (‘spreadover’)

You must not work more than 16 hours between the times of starting and finishing work – including non driving work and any times when you’re off.

A fixed week is from 00:00 hours on Monday to 24:00 hours the next Sunday.

Exemptions to the GB domestic rules

The GB Domestic rules do not apply if you:

  • drive for less than 4 hours in any day
  • drive off-road or on private roads during duty time
  • drive a vehicle used by the armed forces, police or fire brigade
  • are dealing with an emergency, eg major disruption to public services or danger to life

Partial Exemptions to the GB domestic rules

If you drive a commercial passenger vehicle more than four hours for up to two days in any week you’re exempt from GB domestic rules, but on those two days:

  • All duties must start and finish within a 24 hour period
  • A 10 hour rest must be taken before the first and last duties
  • Driving time and length of working day rules must be followed

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